Issue 3 Placemaking 2013/14

Process and Healing 

Natalie Couch 1ST YEAR Study

I saw this site as having a strong presence of European settlement and the powhiri process seemed appropriate as a framework for design here, as its purpose is to bring people together. It would also acknowledge the presence of Te Kawerau a Maki, and would identify their mana whenua (guardianship and genealogical connection), as well as providing an inclusive and enriching experience for the present day inhabitants, most of whom may not have experienced a powhiri (formal welcoming). It seemed appropriate too that this would occur here; a gateway to the ranges, the sea and the many significant and sacred sites the local Iwi hold close.

I am particularly interested in the potential of the ''medicinal grove'' of native plants that can rehabilitate land and people in tandem. Land was often a cause for clients requiring healing, yet the land itself often required healing not necessarily separately from the clients healing. This draws a direct link between the landscape and the health of the people culturally associated with it. I believe it is by experiencing processes and ceremonies such as these that more understanding and respect will be fostered between Maori and Pakeha, and these relationships will be nurtured and developed. 

Xsection Issue Three 2013/14 Placemaking