Lagoon Link Park

Rueben McPeak 2ND YEAR

Building an open space focal-point within Panmure for the coming together of people; community and connection; the creation of a space that wasn't. Lagoon Link Park was motivated by the lack of a public space anywhere near Panmure's retail centre, as well as the loud disjunct between this centre and the eminent Panmure Lagoon. The park bridges many restrictions as well as Lagoon Drive itself. Bands of terracing step down the hill and across the roadway speaking of a pedestrian crossing, while creating distinctive plateaus of alternating community garden and unprogrammed space. A wide promenade fronts the new band of eateries, providing space for alfresco dining as well as a viewing platform across the park and its activities.

The park's formation will counter the further separation of Panmure from its lagoon as is being experienced through the widening of Lagoon Drive in the AMETI Phase two constructions. It will also see community prioritised, with focus being returned to the people, where it should always have been. 

Xsection Issue Three 2013/14 Placemaking