Future Protection

Olivia Koch 4th year

The intensification of agricultural land use has occurred as the farmers have responded to economic consumer and exporter demands. With the advancing urban environment, intensification of farmland and loss of habitat, the wide range of biodiversity, community and cultural connections we once had in the rural landscape are disappearing rapidly.

The intention of the project was to establish strategies and frameworks by way of species regenerative projects that help mitigate the impacts that rural processes have on waterways and help future proof farming practices through the expected urban and rural growth.

Analysing the farmed, cultural and environmental aspects of a diary farm gave vital information on the type of design moves that needed to be made in order to reconnect the farm with the community and significant cultural characteristics. Integrating these elements into the farm landscape through restoration projects established a new sense of place for the community and cultural aspects within the rural sector. 

Xsection Issue Three 2013/14 Placemaking