Daniel Pervan 1ST YEAR 

The role of context, or the regional setting of a place (character), forms an integral part of any design process from historical and contemporary art practice to science, writing, architecture and town planning. For this project students were asked to focus on vegetation as a driving factor for design intervention. By exploring the landscape processes and contextual site information found within the Oratia Valley catchment, they developed a concept plan for the Oratia Community Hall 

Considering this reserve as a memorial and contemplative place was the driver for this design. Being universal 9for everyone) and also remembering the history of the site of Oratia, such as the Dalmations and Europeans who came to Oratia in the 1800's was also important. The main axis has a courtyard (centre of site) surrounded by totara tress. It then leads down to the stream by olive trees which are very European and would give a Mediterranean feel.