Urban Acupunture

Dave Parker 3RD YEAR

Urban design tends to focus on a transformation of space to enrage or enrich some function of everyday living, and this is usually achieved through some form of designed urban intervention . The central question for this project was to discover what critical level of difference was required to achieve good urban design. Was it simply a matter of different surface? Or is it a re-deployment of some existing model of urbanism. The task was to find the fulcrum of the site, and leverage the design intervention to create the best possible solution for enlivening the Victoria-Wynyard precinct.  

The aim was  to design a space the encourages users to engage with the existing factors of the site, creating an experience with the history and finer details that give the site its unique waterfront character. Fluctuation of tidal levels was used to create this experience with the waterfront, creating different experiences with the water at different tides. An inclusion of a water taxi terminal creates a site that would be passed through a matter of minutes, therefore 3 separate spaces were designed to create a short, medium an long public engagement with the waterfront.