Waimoko Stream Riparian Restoration And Enhancement

Liam Winterton



Urban sprawl in Auckland is pushing the city to its limits. With Auckland experiencing a rapid increase in the demand for residential dwellings, land once considered too far to commute from is currently under development. These housing developments are often located in or near rural areas of ecological significance.

The brief for this project was to re-establish the riparian margin along Waimoko stream with restorative planting to be added to the existing native covenant. The site will be subdivided and will undergo further riparian planting to deal with the modifications to the landscape. 

This site presents a unique ecological opportunity, as it is located in the upper catchment of the Waimoko stream. It has the potential to mitigate the effects of subdivision of neighbouring properties and the associated poor water management, such as silt run off, while enhancing the aquatic environment and ecology.  

The site and others like it create the opportunity to educate clients, local residents and the public as well as allowing landscape architects to implement interventions to solve the issues that come from rapid and intensive urbanisation.