Tui Glen

Bela Grimsdale



Analysis of Tui Glen Reserve revealed the relationship between the water and the land. How could one explore the significance of these within the site and the surrounding landscapes? 

Pursuing this relationship led to tracing the waterways back to their original source, resulting in an analogy of whakapapa, genealogy and a family tree. Streams, rivers, and creeks all have names and tie back to original ancestors, they represent a natural path of genealogy crossing the land, overlaying stories and histories. 

Stories connect whakapapa to the landscape, the stories of people who have come before and people yet to come are overlaid into the land. Water becomes a metaphor of genealogy connecting landscape back to whakapapa.

This design is a response to the specific conditions of the site and an interpretation of its long history.

The topography of the site falls steeply away from the road, levelling out into grassed open space, before falling once again into Henderson Creek.The pathways are derived from the connections between the waterways and whakapapa; allowing raised steps and pathways to interweave with the path of the water, drawing people along it to create new stories.

The design overlays the interaction of people, water and land as they travel across the site. Through respect to whakapapa the water is purified using riparian planting, swales, a settlement pond and floating wetland booms.