Patricia Morrison



This project focuses on improving health and wellbeing in the suburbs by the use of transcendent values and contemplative landscape interventions. We live in an economically driven society, where the typical suburban pattern is highly organised around motor vehicles and ignores the potential of the suburbs; a more walkable neighbourhood for the benefit of health and wellbeing. 

Exploring one of the most deprived suburbs in Auckland called Favona, the creation of ‘The Green Thread’ links the community facilities and existing contemplative spaces such as the coastal edge, pocket parks and the roads; the main connection network. The enhancement of spaces within the network will evoke feelings of the spiritual, emotional and physiological which have a positive effect on the physical wellbeing of people. 

The first area within the network that was explored and enhanced was a pocket park; which all suburbs have access to, but within the Favona area this park is severely under-utilised as it lacks in basics such as seating areas and overall recreation facilities. The pocket park was enhanced for the purpose of relaxation and contemplation, encouraging a peaceful state of mind for the improvement of health and wellbeing. The fall in height of the surrounding fencing to the park blurs the boundary between private and public, bringing about a passive surveillance and attracting locals into the park. This unifies the idea that people should be more connected with their surroundings and more importantly their connection with nature. Allowing the emergence of increased health and wellbeing to arise from the utilisation of this space.