Te Kerekere Roycroft


Public needs are continually changing in the cultural landscapes we occupy, especially in high use areas. The utility required fifty years ago differs from that needed today. Spaces emerge and develop according to a number of external influences, most notably the available local services. Mt Albert town centre, chosen as the site for this investigation, features a parking lot located between the train station and a bus stop near the main intersection.

The disuse and degradation of the car park can be attributed to these factors from outside the site boundaries making the space feel somewhat cramped and awkward. The same external influences mean Mt Albert Town Centre currently acts as a transit stop on the way in to the city rather than a destination. This studio called for a redesign of this space as an area for gatherings and public events and redevelopment of the town centre as a transport hub following the connection of the train station to the bus stop with a pedestrian bridge.

The redesign of the Mt Albert Town Centre hopes to bring more people through the space and subsequently boost the economic production of the area. Designing this space for the future encompasses re-utilisation of these derelict spaces in order to make them relevant to the diverse range of people that will use the space. 

Using emergent design principles and exploring a wide variety of possible outcomes will ensure the long term success