Claire Liesching and Jonathan Cristal 3RD YEAR

The design proposal for Onepoto Domain responds to the needs of the domain users as well as to those of the environment, and aims to provide long term benefits for both. The concept for the ‘Onepoto Domain Wetland & Sanctuary’ is simple; in essence it is to create an urban ecological patch, which connects to the green infrastructure of its surrounding region.

This is achieved by establishing a new forest core (Mesic Zone) supported by a wetland buffer (Aquatic, Emergent, Saturated, Moist & Grassland Meadow Zones) creating a hub, which in turn connects to the already established forest corridor (Dry Zone - existing forest) that sits on the surrounding slopes connecting to a wider context.

The sanctuary with its new forest core will offer a site for food, refuge and breeding habitat’s for a variety of birds, fish, lizards and insects - encouraging the ecological functionality of a modern urban park. Whilst the active area will provide an opportunity for people to become physically immersed in the wetland experience.