Lauren Vincent 4TH YEAR

In order for Auckland to develop into a ‘World Class Liveable City’, it simply cannot develop without close consideration to our waterfront; it is our biggest asset to the city underlining the past branding of ‘The City of Sails’. Examples of great design and development would be the Viaduct Harbour which was influenced by the Americas Cup and Sir Peter Blake. But in order for Auckland to really achieve Mayor Len Brown’s vision of the ‘worlds most livable city’ attention needs to be given to how the city could be designed as a people city, a city centre Aucklanders would want to use.

The project developed a strategy as a way of re-envisioning Auckland’s City Centre. Influenced strongly by methods of Jeff Kennet and what he achieved in Melbourne and also Jan Gehl, an expert in his field of city development and the leading force behind Copenhagen’s famous pedestrian streets.

The concept is based around a simple idea of the ‘Civic Space’, ‘The Pedestrian Street’ and ‘The Waterfront Space’. In doing this two public spaces are created that are connected by a pedestrian street. The aim is to create a place that people will want to use, a place that will draw Aucklanders back into the City Centre to experience a different surrounding, that will in turn create a distinctive Auckland Flavour.