Aynsley Cisaria 3RD YEAR

The loss of fertile land within the city creates a disconnection between people and food production. This project attempts to create a walkable, urban agriculture network connecting communities in south-west Auckland, where productive and cultural planting was incorporated within mitigation corridors, and fertile soil and food production were reconnected within the existing open space network.

The Mangere Bridge reserve was chosen to show how an exchange can occur between under-utilised public space for productive, community farms. With a Transit NZ designation for harbour crossing construction, this is currently a waterfront ‘non- park’ with drainage issues, major power and water lines, and no particular function apart from informal recreation.

Food is a gateway to conversations, and the corporate activity of growing food in our under-used public spaces can become a platform or layer from which landscaoe archiitects can address other important elements of community, ecology, and liveability, including the physical, social, cultural, and environmental health of the city.