Natalie Couch 2ND YEAR

Inspiration for this project evolved from the history of this landscape – the subtlety and significance in the layers of embedded memory. It was important to reveal hints of these such as the swathes of tuangi (cockle shell) midden and undulating green and gold on the shoreline.

Boarded pathways lead to resting places amongst tussock encouraging a space of quiet reflection and play. Like the meandering paths on the coast; most of the area is left for people to create their own tracks and gathering places. Simplicity of design intervention was intentional in the seating, shell, and sand pits that provide openings for the community to gather. This park is situated on the main road to the Marae at Onekiritia (Bomb Point). Envisioned as a resting place before arriving at the marae or continuing along the coastal walkway - the intention is to create an outdoor space for the community residents; Maori, Pakeha and Tauiwi (new citizens) to come together.