Sofia Fourman 2ND YEAR

Currently pastoral land and a former airfield the landscape of Hobsonville Point has been developed for future urban residential development. Catalina Precinct is a section of the proposition intended to be a ‘park precinct’; a green extension off Bomb Point Park. It is comprised of a spine road and adjoining pocket park. The design reflects the connection of green spaces to existing vegetation links and patches to strengthen the ecological network for avian fauna.

This design begins by transforming the street into a vegetated corridor with patches in which birds can feed, rest and establish habitats. On ground level this creates a tremendous native forest environment, which contrasts greatly with proposed urban fabrication. The apartment blocks on both sides of the road face a wall of flora, the residents and visitors are able to appreciate the chirping of the birds and watch them scout the skies as they traverse through the space. A proposed pocket park is dense with native flora which is bisected by a curved path network with circular clearings. These clearings provide freedom for diverse recreation, from open grassy lawns to seating and a central bird basin water fountain for the enjoyment of both birds and people.

Visitors engage with the space either by walking or cycling. Native flora in a compact urban development draws both birds and people into the area; it is a rich habitat within a residential complex. One might even mistake the park for wilderness as they are confined by an assortment of immense trees with striking canopies closely resembling the native New Zealand forest.