stud 3 sec.jpg

In the safety of the Unitec studio, I am playing with the different generational techniques to explore design ideas using modern computer programs to make accurate models and plans. I have been presenting these alongside more traditional hand drawings for emotional and perceptual effect.

Our first studio project in 2018 was to design a walkway at Harbour View Reserve in Point Chevalier using a computer program that we could create 3d concept plans with and turn them into accurate terrain models in macrocarpa. We then produced laser-cut concept models of our designs to complement the terrain model.

stud4 domplant cut.jpg

For my second studio project this year we produced a design near the Auckland War Memorial Museum. The texture and feeling of the spaces was an important part of the design, so hand sketches with added graphic overlay finishes helped in the process of exploring the design. Learning and using past, present and future knowledge and techniques helps us, as designers, to tell the stories of our landscapes.

stud4 per2.jpg